Accelerate your business
Accelerate your business
profitable revenue growth
profitable revenue growth

Your Demand

Get external view​

You want external and objective support from an experienced business leader who's been there and done it​

Business Plan​ Development

You are a financial investor and want to develop a business plan for a potential investment​

Commercial Infrastructure Expansion

You are a start-up or smaller business and need to setup/expand your commercial organization

Geographical Coverage Expansion

You have regional coverage and want to expand your geographical reach

Business Model Change

You are a homecare provider or/and distributor and need to change/amend your business model

Vision & Strategy Development

You want to develop your mid- to longterm vison & strategy

Our offer

Market Definition & Competitive Landscape

We will support you to define market segments, research and summarize the competitive environment

Build Organizations

We help you size your commercial organization, and support building sales force teams

Financial Plans & Incentive Schemes

We support you to develop meaningful financial models as a basis for decision making and draft incentive schemes across organizations

Competitive Strategy & Strategic Options

We conduct strategic workshops and support you to develop your competitive strategy or options

Commercial Effectiveness

We support you establish an efficient segmentation & targeting process and to elevate commercial execution

Value Proposition & Sales Force Communication

We support you to develop competitive value proposition and translate them into effective sales force communication and argumentation